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We provide networking services to customers throughout Kansas and Missouri. Our customers have looked to us for Cisco expertise and hands-on networking experience since 2000, when FLG Networking Services was founded.


Our services include network assessment, network design, network security, wireless networking, and general network consulting. If you think you might have a need in any of these areas - or just want to bounce a few ideas off us, please don't hesitate to give us a call.


We are network designers and implementers as well as consultants. That means that we won't recommend anything to you that we can't build and integrate into your environment. If you are not sure what you need, you can have us begin with a network assessment, We can then follow up with a network design and network installation.


We are a Cisco Partner, but we are focused on helping you, and not on selling equipment. We propose the products that we believe are the best fit for you. We then provide detailed specifications and work with you to find the best source.


FLG Networking Services has a thirteen-year history of successfully completed networking projects. Past projects include multiple Cisco controller-based wireless installations, network core redesigns, Cisco firewall installations, and MPLS wide-area network implementations.


Call us today at (913) 268-1061 to see how we can help you.



What's New


Google Fiber Small Business Pilot a Boon for KC Entrepreneurs


Google Fiber recently announced that it planned to launch a small business pilot in Kansas City. This is a welcome development for entrepreneurs who came to Kansas City looking for affordable Google high-speed Internet service.


What Google installed is Google residential service. That is, current users have a dynamically-assigned public IP address, and a Google-supplied appliance that performs basic address translations and firewall functions. Plus TV service - if users want it. They also have blazing gigabit Internet!


So downloads are incredibly fast for our KC entrepreneurs, but there are limitations. For starters, residential users do not have the option to use their own firewall. This means that it isn't easy to host a server (and we hear that Google doesn't exactly encourage this). It is also difficult to set up any kind of VPN connectivity.


What will the new small-business pilot service offer that the residential service doesn't? We don't really know for sure, but here are a few things that we would like to see:

  • The option for one or more fixed IP addresses
  • The option to use our own firewall equipment
  • The right to host servers behind our firewall
  • Full gigabit upload and download speed
  • A reasonable price point
  • A lower-speed option at a lower price point

This is an important development, and we are sure KC's entrepreneurs look forward to seeing what Google brings to the table!


Google Encrypts All Searches


You may have missed it. In the third quarter of 2013, Google began encrypting all of your searches, whether or not you are logged into Google. As a Google user, you may feel that this is a positive development - especially given the continuing erosion of our personal privacy. However, it is an added complication for many network security workers, especially those who work in the K12 education environment.


Most K12 IT managers would prefer that students perform Google searches with the "Safe Search" setting on, so that students are not subjected to inappropriate text or image search results. When Safe Search is activated, Google search strings include an argument that indicates that it is activated. If you only want students to perform Google Searches when Safe Search is on, you can have your firewall or proxy server parse the search arguments and look to see that it is on. If it isn't, you can deny the search, put up a warning, etc.


But, this only works if your firewall can read the search arguments. Now that Google Search is encrypted using SSL, your firewall no longer has visibility into search arguments. There are ways around this, but life just got more difficult for K12 network security folks.


Cisco Acquires Meraki - One Year Anniversary


Just over a year ago, Cisco announced the purchase of Meraki, Inc., a maker of network equipment that is managed via the cloud. The Cisco Meraki product offerings include wireless access points, network switches, and security devices.


OK, we will admit that this isn't breaking news. But it is significant news. Cisco has invested 1.2 Billion in a technology that will make life easier for many mid-sized organizations. Consider a medium-sized business with multiple manufacturing sites or sales offices. Now the IT Department can deploy network switches and wireless for each site, and manage them all using a unified cloud-based dashboard. The sites don't even need to connect directly back to headquarters. They only need Internet access.


Here is something else to ponder. This could be the beginning of a much more comprehensive suite of cloud-managed devices from Cisco.